About Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass is a special rail pass exclusive for foreign travelers, providing unlimited use of nationwide JR train network including reserved seats of shinkansen (with exceptions).
Japanese places are filled with endless enchanting elements. It is not possible to say you have experienced the best of Japan if you merely stay in one of its cities. If you are going to move between multiple cities in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass will undoubtedly the most ideal solution for your transportation.

So, what is your plan in Japan?
After landing on the glamorous, vivid and ultramodern Tokyo city, are you excited to try on the delicately hand-crafted traditional kimonos and elegantly ramble in the historic streets of Kyoto? Or visit the legendary sacred shrine built on water in Hiroshima?
Perhaps you are more interested by the irresistible ramen, hot pot, dumplings and other tempting gourmets in Fukuoka, but it is also a good idea to enjoy skiing and then a hot spring in Hakodate...

Apart from the cityscape that you might already be addicted to, don’t forget the stunning scenery of the untouched countryside areas in Japan.
The breathtaking mountains, spiritual forests, tumbling rivers, striking volcanos, magnificent coastlines...
Visitors can always discover a variety of unique fascinations in different areas of Japan, and Japan Rail Pass can provide you an easier access to these natural wonderlands.

By using Japan Rail Pass, you can travel around Japan in a not only economical but also simple way. No worry to complicate yourself for buying tickets every time. In addition to the nationwide version, there are also regional versions of Japan Rail Pass. which you may consider in accordance with your plan and budget.
Japan Rail Pass
  7days 14days 21days
Adult 29,110JPY 46,390JPY 59,350JPY
Child 14,550JPY 23,190JPY 29,670JPY

※ If you purchase after entering Japan it will be higher than this price

Normal fare (reserved seat of ordinary car / One way)
Tokyo - ShinHakodatehokuto Hokkaido / Tohoku Shinkansen 22,690JPY
Tokyo - Nagano Nagano Shinkansen 8,200JPY
Tokyo - Kanazawa Hokuriku Shinkansen 14,120JPY
Tokyo - ShinOsaka Tokaido Shinkansen 14,450JPY
ShinOsaka - Hiroshima Sanyo Shinkansen 10,230JPY
ShinOsaka - Hakata Sanyo Shinkansen 15,000JPY
Narita Airport - Tokyo Narita Express 3,020JPY
Kansai Airport - ShinOsaka Kansai-airport Express HARUKA 2,570JPY