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Buy a SIM Card for Japan will keep you connected to the internet during your trip, straight from your own personal phone. No action is required for activation. As soon as you arrive in Japan you can use it by simply inserting it into your device.


  • Available for 30 days of use.
  • Data allowance: 1GB.
  • Transmission rate: 4G(LTE) (Maximum 375 Mbps downlink/50 Mbps uplink)
    * Transmission rate depends on your device.
    * 3G network is available outside of LTE coverage.
  • Two SIM card formats available: Micro and Nano.
    * Generally,  "Nano" is for iPhone and "Micro" is for Android, but please carefully check the SIM card format that can be used for your device.
    * List of tested devices is below
  • Coverage area: Only in Japan
  • Expiration date: 31 Mar 2018


  • The period of Service availability varies depending on your package. Service period cannot be extended.
  • Your first use of the service should be prior to the end of the service start expiration date printed on the package.
  • You can purchase the "IIJmio Coupon Card" to add data volume to your package within the period of Service availability.
    *Even if the "IIJmio Coupon Card" is used to add data volume to your package, the period of Service availability cannot be extended.
  • Network coverage is described on NTT DOCOMO's Web site (Japanese only).
  • A private IP address is assigned to this package. However, this does not guarantee that all applications and services are operable.
  • The transmission speed provided here is the maximum value defined by the technical standard and does not indicate the actual transmission speed.
  • This service is available with best-effort delivery, and therefore the actual transmission speed may vary according to traffic conditions and network load.
  • Disconnection may occur when a connection remains established past the specified period of time or when a period of no data transmission continues.
  • This service uses radio waves. Even within a coverage area, the service may not be available indoors or depending on surrounding obstacles (buildings, terrain, etc.). In certain cases, this service may not be available on the upper floors of high-rise buildings even without obstacles.
  • The initial PIN code is set to "0000." For an explanation of how to set the PIN code, please refer to your device's user manual.