For operating this website, DeNA Travel Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) stipulates this privacy policy in order to be aware that the personal information (refers to information related to an individual, and includes things by which it is possible to identify a specific individual from something such as a name, date of birth, or other statement included in that information or things by which it is possible to easily check other information and thereby identify a specific individual; hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information”) provided by customers who use it is a particularly important asset, to appropriately collect, use, disclose, and protect it.

  1. Acquisition of the Personal Information
    When acquiring the Personal Information, the Company will clarify the purpose of its use and will acquire the Personal Information within the extent that is necessary for achieving that purpose of use. In addition, it will conduct acquisition by obtaining the customer’s agreement and using appropriate and fair means and, except in cases in which a law or ordinance allows handling as an exception, it will publicly announce or notify the customer of the purpose of use in advance.

  2. Use of the Personal Information and provision to third parties
    The Company will specify the purpose of use of the Personal Information and will use the Personal Information within the scope of the stipulated purpose of use. In addition, except in cases for which there are stipulations in a related law or ordinance, it will not disclose or divulge it to a third party unless the customer has explicitly agreed in advance.
    In the event that the customer’s explicit agreement has been obtained in advance, the Company can use the Personal Information for something other than the purpose of use or provide or disclose it to a third party.

    1. Purposes of use
      Provision of the travel or service for which the customer applied
      Information about products or services of the Company or a party affiliated with the Company
      Requests for opinions, impressions, or questionnaires for the Company’s services or travel
      Information about benefits or campaigns for the purpose of promoting the use of the Company’s products or services
      Handling customers’ inquiries
      Creation of statistical data by a method in which individual customers will not be identified

    2. Provision to third parties
      Cases in which the customer’s agreement has been obtained or cases based on laws or ordinances
      Cases of provision to a party to which work is consigned, including airlines, within the scope that is necessary for the Company’s work performance
      Cases in which a request for cooperation has been made by a government organization, a local government, or a public institution
      Cases in which it is necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or assets, and in which it is difficult to obtain the customer’s prior agreement

  3. Compliance with laws and ordinances
    When handling the Personal Information, the Company will comply with laws and ordinances related to handling the Personal Information, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines related to such laws and ordinances, and guidelines and other rules stipulated by the national government.

  4. System for protecting the Personal Information
    In order to maintain appropriate protection of the Personal Information, the Company will assign a person responsible for managing the Personal Information, conduct guidance and training for employees and regular internal audits, consider changes of things such as social circumstances and the environment, and conduct continuous reconsideration and improvements of systems, including each item of this privacy policy. The privacy policy after reconsideration will go into effect at the time it is posted on the Company’s site.

  5. Cookies
    Cookies are mechanisms that save, as customers’ computer files, the use history and input content that is sent and received between browsers and servers when customers use the Company’s site.

    The Company uses cookies in order to make it easier for customers to use the Company’s services. If you do not agree to this, please conduct settings yourself to nullify cookies. However, please note that if all cookies are nullified, in some cases use of the Company’s services will be restricted.

    The Company will use cookies for the purposes below.
    (1) For collecting and accumulating customers’ history information, analyzing the access situation, and measuring advertisement effects
    (2) For displaying the most appropriate advertisements based on content that customers are interested in and the state of use of our site
    (3) For advertisement delivery of third-party companies that customers visited from advertisements

    Cookie information in such a case will be managed based on the privacy policy of the third-party company.
    * Main third-party companies
    Google Inc. (
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    Criteo (
    Facebook Japan (

  6. Confirmation, revision, and deletion of the Personal Information
    In the event that a customer has requested confirmation, change, saving, or deletion of the Personal Information that was provided to the Company, the Company will promptly respond to that request as soon as the customer’s identity has been confirmed. In the event that the request cannot be obliged, the Company will explain that reason. Provided, however, that during the period of conducting such confirmation, change, saving, or deletion, and after that work is completed, there may be cases in which the customer cannot use all or a portion of the Company’s services.

  7. Inquiries
    If you would like to make an inquiry related to the content of this privacy policy or a request for confirmation, change, saving, or deletion of the Personal Information, please do so by using the form below.
    Place for inquiries: The inquiry form