In principle, after product dispatch, we will not accept cancellation or returns due to the customers’ circumstances. If you want to cancel or return the product for any reason, if it is within thirty days after receiving the product, please first contact us by using the inquiry form on this page. Please note that in some cases we cannot accept returns of products about which we were not contacted.

When requesting cancellation or returns, please specify the following on the inquiry form.

  1. Name of customer
  2. Order number
  3. Product name to cancel or return

Please note that we will charge 10% of the purchase price as a service charge for a cancellation or return, JPY 2,000 for clerical service charges, and shipping (actual expenses). A refund will be handled through the credit card that was used for settlement, using the amount that results from subtracting the aforementioned service charge for a cancellation or return from the purchase price.

In the case of a return after receiving a product, please return the envelope that the Company sent along with the purchased product, so that the Company can see that the Company sent it to you. The customer will bear the shipping that is charged when returning the product to the Company.

In the event that a product was returned to the place of dispatch without being received in the time up to the period of receiving the product, we will handle it as a return.

We will accept cancellation or returns only for products that are unused and unopened. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns for used products or products for which the packaging completed by the manufacturer has been opened or damaged.

Please note in advance that approximately ninety days will be required for handling refunds after cancellation or acceptance of a return.