The website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) has stipulated the following terms of use (T&C) for customers (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) who use the Website. Registration on and use of the Website mean acceptance of all of the T&C.

Orders and establishment of sales agreements

An order means something that was conducted on the Website and for which a User consented to purchase of a product. At the time an order has been completed on the Website, a sales agreement will be established between the Company and the User.

Procedures for cancelling membership

  1. Members can conduct the Company’s prescribed procedures for cancelling membership at any time. Provided, however, that even if procedures for cancelling membership have been conducted, sales agreements for which an order has already been completed will not be cancelled.
  2. In the event that any of the items below apply, the Company may eliminate member registration without notifying the member in advance.

    - When the member cannot be contacted because of something such as a registration error or change of address or e-mail address

    - When the member has, without a valid reason, refused or been late for payment of the price for service the Company provides on this site

    - When there has been no use of service for a two-year period beginning on the date of member registration or the time of the last purchase of this service

    - When an action stipulated in prohibited matters was conducted

Copyrights and property rights

All property rights for information such as text, images, videos, and sound that are provided on the Website and for services will attribute to the Company or a third party that has officially received a license from the Company.
The Users cannot use, reproduce, duplicate, publicly disclose, sell, distribute, resell, transfer, loan, translate, adapt, reprint, or reuse information or services provided by the Company, irrespective of whether it is all or a portion, for a purpose that exceeds the scope of personal use.
All of the software that is used in relation to information or services of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”) contains property rights and business secrets that are protected by laws and ordinances related to intellectual property rights.

Qualifications for using Japan Rail Pass

Tourists with foreign nationality who have a temporary visitor visa of up to ninety days are subject to the pass. Please confirm the information below for details.

Qualifications for use:
Foreign travelers who are visiting Japan from another country for the purpose of sightseeing, under the entry status of “temporary visitor”

Under the “temporary visitor” residence status that is stipulated in Japan’s immigration laws, a stay for the purpose of sightseeing will be allowed for a 15-day period or a 90-day period. If you want to stay for the purpose of sightseeing when you enter Japan, an immigration officer will affix to your passport a stamp or seal as the “temporary visitor” stated below.

Only people who have received a “temporary visitor” stamp or seal on their passport can claim or use the Japan Rail Pass.

* If you use an automated gate, a stamp or seal will not be affixed to your passport, so please either use a manned automated gate or tell a staff member and then receive a stamp or seal.

* In the event that a person who has a passport from a visa-waiver country stipulated by Japan’s Immigration Bureau will enter Japan as a temporary visitor, a temporary visitor stamp will be affixed. People who have another nationality will be required to apply for a visa before entering Japan.

If you do not have a status of residence as a “temporary visitor,” you will not be able to claim a Japan Rail Pass even if you have an exchange ticket.

This qualification for use will be applied to all passengers who use a JR pass, so please submit an order after being sure to confirm that all of the Users have qualifications for use. Passengers who do not conform to the use qualification requirements cannot claim or use a JR pass in Japan.

Please note that in the event that a claim cannot be made because the aforementioned qualifications for use are not fulfilled, a refund will be made as handling of a return.

* If Japan Rail Pass cannot be used
If you do not have the status of residence of a temporary visitor, even if you purchase an exchange ticket, it will not be possible to exchange it for a Japan Rail Pass within Japan.

The following are the main examples where the Japan Rail Pass cannot be used.
Long-term stay
Student visa
Entertainer visa
Trainee visa
Working holiday visa
Person who falls under the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement (person related to the military)
Person who has a diplomatic passport
Permanent residence or special permanent residence

Prices and taxes

Prices are stated in Japanese yen (JPY). Reference prices are stated in the local currency, but the Company is not liable for updating foreign exchange rates in real time.

Ordinarily, prices include taxes and service charges, but, depending on the product and dispatch method that are selected, there are cases in which there will be separate handling service charges and dispatch charges.


The methods of payment are by credit card or debit card only.

You can use settlement by credit card that has a “Visa” or “MasterCard” mark. When making payment with a card, it will be necessary to enter the card member number (card number), the name of the card account holder, the card security number, and the card expiration date.

We have commissioned Paygent Co., Ltd., as the settlement clearing company. Paygent’s system is used for settlement, and therefore thorough security measures are taken through SSL encrypted communication for all settlement screens.

The amount will be charged not at the time of online purchase, but rather at the time of completion of dispatch. Only credit confirmation (authorization) will be conducted at the time of purchase.

In the event that payment is not completed because of an inappropriate payment, an agreement will not be concluded. If card payment failed, please confirm the validity of the card company’s card. The Company will not, in any case, bear any liability whatsoever for things caused by payment failure. The Company will retain the right to claim compensation from customers for damage caused by the input of false card information or conducting other actions that the Company deems inappropriate.

The Company will not bear liability related to service charges or expenses imposed on the Users by banks, credit card companies, or debit card companies. This includes international transactions and exchange service charges.


After an order has been accepted, Giamso International Tours Pte Ltd., which is the Company’s local company in Singapore, will dispatch the product. Dispatch will be conducted within one or two business days, but there may be cases that require more or less time.

Delivery work has been commissioned to FedEx Corporation; therefore, FedEx’s international service terms will apply correspondingly after dispatch. At the time of product dispatch, we will provide the customer with information that makes it possible to track FedEx’s delivery situation.

For shipping costs and the approximate number of days for delivery, please check here or the information that is displayed at the time the order is made.

Ordinarily, delivery will be made within the period of the approximate number of days for delivery after dispatch, but in the event that delivery was not made within the period of the approximate number of days for delivery because of a reason not attributable to the Company, such as customs clearance, a holiday, or a problem with means of transportation, the Company will not bear liability.

The approximate number of days for delivery is not a contractual obligation, and it does not guarantee delivery within the approximate delivery period. The Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for expenses, lost profits, or any other losses in the event that delivery was late or in the event that the customer gave insufficient information for an order. We will not accept refusal of acceptance or agreement cancellation due to the fact that delivery was not made within the approximate delivery period. Please be sure to allow leeway in the period.

An ordered product will be delivered to the address that the customer entered in the order form. Please note that the Company cannot bear liability for loss or damage to products in the event that the customer made a mistake when entering an address.

In addition, in the event that you want re-delivery of a product that was returned to the Company, we will charge you additional delivery charges.

We do not accept refusal to accept or agreement cancellation after dispatch. Please note that it will be handled as a cancellation or return.

Cancellations and returns

In principle, after product dispatch, we will not accept cancellation or returns due to the customers’ circumstances. If you want to cancel or return the product for any reason, if it is within thirty days after receiving the product, please first contact us by using the inquiry form on this page. Please note that in some cases we cannot accept returns of products about which we were not contacted.

Please note that we will charge 10% of the purchase price as a service charge for a cancellation or return, JPY 3,000 for clerical service charges, and shipping (actual expenses). A refund will be handled through the credit card that was used for settlement, using the amount that results from subtracting the aforementioned service charge for a cancellation or return from the purchase price.

In the case of a return after receiving a product, please return the envelope that the Company sent along with the purchased product, so that the Company can see that the Company sent it to you. The customer will bear the shipping that is charged when returning the product to the Company.

In the event that a product was returned to the place of dispatch without being received in the time up to the period of receiving the product, we will handle it as a return.

We will accept cancellation or returns only for products that are unused and unopened. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns for used products or products for which the packaging completed by the manufacturer has been opened or damaged.

Please note in advance that approximately ninety days will be required for handling refunds after cancellation or acceptance of a return.

Use of Website

User must be at least 18 or possess the legal authority to create a biding legal obligation. If the Users is minors, the Company regards that this Users have the consent of a parent or guardian.

By registration and using this Website and/or the Services, Users are deemed to agree to the T&C and will comply with the T&C in connection with our services.

Users shall observe the commonsense and decency in use of the Website.

Refusal of Services

The Company reserves the right to restrict or refuse the provision of any services to any User if such User infringes the rights of a third party, makes a false entry for User registration disrupts, any aspect of the Company's services, or if the Company deems such User's actions inappropriate, including any violation of T&C.

Website Environment and Settings

Services provided by the Website are offered for Users who correctly configure the settings on their own devices. The Company shall not be held liable for any outcomes caused by the User not configuring the appropriate settings and any impact caused by such settings. Furthermore, the Company will not held liable for any damages arising from circumstances related to any environment settings configured on a User's device(s) (including all causes beyond the Company's control) where Company's services fail to operate properly.

Registration Conditions

User shall represents and warrants that all personal data and information (real name, age, sex, Users’ own e-mail address etc.) provided during the registration process is up to date, complete, accurate and true.

Registration may only be performed by the party concerned: registrations on behalf of another party are not accepted.

Registration of Company-specified data is optional. In this case, the Users may not benefit fully the service from the Website.


The booking and/or purchase by Users (“Orders”) are complete filling out Users’ information in the Website and the Users made sure the completion screen of orders or received the orders mail from Company.

Users apply for products/services provided by the Order, and make payments.

Users' Responsibilities

User can visit the Website and use its functionality for personal, not commercial, lawfully use only. When doing a search in the search engine, making reservations or processing purchase orders, the User recognizes and states that they are acting in a purely personal capacity.

When using the Website, Users shall bear responsibility for their own acts and any actions taken using their own ID number (including, but not limited to, e-mail address and itinerary number, etc.) and the outcome of such acts, regardless of whether the result of that User's own act or negligence. If any User causes damage to a third party using the Website, that User alone shall be responsible, at that User's sole expense, for the resolution of any dispute(s) with such third party. If the User violates any of these terms and causes any damage to the Company, the Company shall be able to claim all such damages against such User.

Handling of Privacy and Personal Information

Use of the services of the Company is also governed by the Company's privacy policy.


This Membership terms and/or any dispute between Users and the Company shall be governed by the laws of Japan excluding its conflicts of law rules. Users and the Company agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of, and venue in, the Tokyo District Court in Japan with respect to any dispute between Users and the Company. Users hereby waive all defenses of lack of personal jurisdiction and forum non convenience with respect to this choice of jurisdiction and venue. This choice of jurisdiction and venue does not prevent either Users or the Company from seeking injunctive relief for any violation of intellectual property rights or confidentiality obligations in any appropriate jurisdiction.


The following acts are prohibited:

Acts that infringe or may infringe any rights of copyright, property rights, privacy rights, or other rights of any other User or third party;

Acts that disadvantage or may disadvantage or cause any damages in respect of any other User, third party, or the Company, in addition to those described in the preceding paragraph;

Acts that defame any other User, third party, or the Company, or acts that are contrary to public order or morality, or acts that may be perceived as contrary to same, or acts to provide information that are contrary to same to any other User or third party;

Criminal acts, acts that lead to criminal acts, or acts that may lead to criminal acts;

Acts for commercial purposes through the Website or related to the Website without the Company's approval, or similar acts;

Any illegal use of log in information (including, but not limited to, e-mail address and itinerary number);

Acts to use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses through the Website or related to the Website;

Any act that violates or may violate any applicable laws or regulations; and

Acts deemed inappropriate by Company.

Termination and suspension

The Company may terminate or suspend operation of the Website or any portion thereof in any of the following cases:

Regular or emergency maintenance;

Due to war, riot, act of God, commotion, labor disputes, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, power failure, or other cause beyond the control of the Company; or When the Company deems suspension necessary.

Notice of Systems Maintenance

The Company may provide notice of maintenance and other services to Website systems, which may result in suspension of or changes to the Website without prior notice.

Changes of these terms

Each User can change certain Users’ data designated by the Company via the Website. When there is a change in the User's personal data, the User shall promptly change the relevant registration information. The Company shall not be responsible for any service disruption due to the User's failure or error in changing that User's personal data.

Issuance of terms

These terms will become valid on the date of formulation.

Formulation: March 1, 2017